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Can an IPL Photofacial be the answer to your acne woes?

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IPL is a safe and effective treatment commonly used for hair reduction and removal of unsightly blemishes on the skin such as hyperpigmentation and dilated capillaries, but did you no it is also an effective alternative to oral medications such as antibiotics for the treatment of acne?

Viora Acne Clearance

So what is IPL?

IPL stands for Intense pulsed light. It is a light based therapy used within the beauty and medical arena to perform various skin treatments for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. Treatments may include hair removal, photo-rejuvenation for treatment of skin pigmentation, sun damage, textural skin changes, and visible dilated capillaries as well as to alleviate certain dermatological conditions such as rosacea and of course acne.

But how can it help reduce acne?

Our Viora IPL technology utilizes light flashes over the treated area, triggering a biochemical response that will eventually kill the bacteria within the pores, more specifically it is targeting the P. Acnes Bacteria (Propionibacterium) within the skin.

This response occurs when the endogenic porphyrins produced by the bacteria are exposed to our 420nm acne filter, releasing singlet oxygen that helps to destroy the anaerobic pimple causing bacteria.

So what does this mean in layman terms?

The acne causing P. Acnes Bacteria exists and grows and a non oxygenated environment, when we introduce oxygen molecules to it’s environment through a chemical reaction that occurs with the exposure of the IPL’s specific wavelength to the P. Acnes by-product it creates an oxygenated environment which is no longer viable to the growth of this specific acne causing bacteria so that the skin can heal and for there to be a reduction in the acne lesions.

For best results and to target the over active sebaceous gland, a secondary filter with a wavelength of around 580 nm can be utilized within the treatment, this also can have a positive effect on any discolouration associated with residual acne scarring and for stimulating more collagen production within the area to further help with scarring.

What can you expect from your first Viora IPL Photofacial?

Once a thorough consultation has been performed to ensure you are a good candidate for our Viora Acne Photofacial and the skin has been prepped appropriately the treatment will be performed by our Dermal Clinician.

Any make-up or sun protection is removed from the skins surface and a cold gel is applied to the target area. Protective eye wear is worn for the treatment which will last around 20 minutes, during which the IPL hand piece is gently applied to your skin so that healing light can be delivered to the skin’s surface using precise pulses. Most IPL procedures are virtually painless, but more sensitive people might experience mild discomfort – a feeling not unlike a rubber band being snapped against skin, although the hand piece itself feels cool on the skin. Photo facials typically require little to no recovery time, there may be a mild sun burn like feeling post treatment and some mild redness to the skin. Following treatment, you can return to your normal activities. More intense IPL treatments, however, may produce symptoms for up to two weeks after the procedure.

When combined with the appropriate home care and in clinic treatments you can expect outstanding results with IPL photo facials. But as treatments have a cumulative effect you must be diligent about scheduling treatment sessions and following home care advice including some lifestyle changes and the inclusion of internal supplements to support healing as Acne treatment requires a holistic approach to achieve long term results.

Initially our Viora IPL photo facial treatments will be performed twice weekly to obtain desired results. In some cases those results can be seen after only the first treatment with less redness and inflammation! The skin will continue to improve with each successive treatment when the treatment plan is followed.

IPL is a non-invasive solution for inflammatory acne with less collateral effects than oral medication, for those suffering comedonal non-inflammatory acne a different treatment approach is required and will be advised by our highly qualified Dermal Clinician.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of IPL in the treatment of acne, book in a consultation with our Dermal Clinician who specialises in acne.

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