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Keratosis Pilaris aka Chicken Skin

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Keratosis Pilaris (KP)

This common skin condition, sometimes referred to as “chicken skin” due to the bumpy red spots can be found on the upper legs, buttocks, upper arms and less commonly the face. The bumps felt on the skin are caused by a build up of keratin forming a plug that blocks the opening of the hair follicle.

Although it is unknown what causes Keratosis Pilaris there is some evidence that there is a hereditary link. Another suspected link is gluten intolerance and the secondary effect to fat malabsorption which leads to poor uptake of both vitamin A and essential fatty acids due to the damage caused to the gut by the gluten.

So what can we do?

Many people who suffer with this condition can find it not only unsightly but may be embarrassed to expose the affected areas, but there are several things we can do do help to improve this skin condition and bring back your confidence.

Topically you should be using ingredients to help smooth down the hardened keratin plugs. Lactic acid works well for this as it has the added benefit of being a water binding molecule so will help with hydration levels in a skin that is often compromised.

I find that Corrective Cleanser from O Cosmedics works well for managing the signs of KP, with both L-Lactic and Salicylic acid, this high powered cleanser works well to break down the keratinised plugs to help eliminate that “chicken skin” feel. Another great option is DMK Micro Peel with a blend of AHA’s to exfoliate and refine.

Skin needling has shown to help with the associated redness surrounding the follicles and will improve the texture of the skin overall, IPL can be of some benefit too. Another great treatment option that addresses both the bumpy texture and the associated redness of the affected skin is our Alkaline Resurfacing followed with our Body Enzyme treatment.

I would also recommend using Vitamin A at night such as DMK Revitosin and to be moisturising daily. Internally taking a EFA supplement such as EFA Ultra from DMK or our Miss-Vitality Good OIl to increase essential fatty acid levels in the body will be of benefit for all cases and can have an anti-inflammatory effect reducing the associated redness within the skin. Including lots of healthy fats within the diet such as oily fish, chia seeds, walnuts and avocado with also help to improve the skin integrity and waterproof the skin from within.

Working on GUT health is an important factor, Digestive Tune Up by Regul8 is another product I initially prescribe in skin programs where there is a strong internal imbalance as a driver. We want to be sure we cleanse, soothe, and repair the gastrointestinal system and unburden it of its toxic overload so you are able to absorb the much needed nutrient from your food and supplements as well as allow for your intestinal microflora the opportunity to flourish. The probiotic found in this 3 step process will help improve gut health and in turn this will have a much needed positive effect on fat metabolism. Another favourite of mine to encourage a happy gastointestinal tract and improved skin is our Elevate by Miss-Vitality, the perfect skin food containing essential green phytonutrients and organic reds to feed the skin from the inside.

And for those that suspect that gluten may be playing a role, then trying an elimination diet to see if there is an improvement could also be of benefit. A naturopath could also be of assistance if one feels that there is a suspected gluten intolerance.

If you would like more advice on how I can help you manage your Keratosis Pilaris or any other skin condition please call me on 9379 8585 to make a time for a skin consultation or leave a comment here and I will be sure to answer.

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