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The Lymphatic System and the skin!

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The lymphatic system really does not get the recognition it deserves, many of us will be aware of the role it plays as part of our immune system and that it also helps to remove waste, toxins and other unwanted materials from the body. Did you also know that the lymphatic system plays a major role in your skins ability to remain hydrated as well as being part of the delivery pathway for ingested fats and fat soluble vitamins from the Gut such as Beta-carotene (precursor to Vitamin A) to other part parts of your body including your skin tissue?

Pretty important considering for a healthy skin, fats and fat soluble vitamins are essential and without adequate hydration not only will our skin lose its ability to shed dead skin cells effectively but it will also begin to age prematurely! Fats are important for building healthy new cells as well as for the production of hormones which also play a role in the condition of your skin and also how well we hold all those skin cells together, Vitamin A not only helps our cells to function correctly but can actually help repair damage caused to the cells DNA to ensure the cells do not “malfunction”. These are just a few of the many processes that could be affected by a sluggish lymphatic system.

In order for the lymphatic system to work effectively we need to ensure we are taking in enough fluids throughout the day and moving our body regularly. If we fail to do this the lymph fluid will become viscous, slowing the lymph circulation, toxins will accumulate and less fluid will be excreted out of the lymph capillaries to bathe our skin cells and provide hydration to the skin. Without the hydration supplied from the secreted lymph fluid to our skin, cell renewal and repair needed for wound healing will diminish and the tissue can become poisoned from its own waste leading to skin breakouts and skin rashes.

Lymph is a colorless fluid containing white blood cells, helping to rid the body of toxins, foreign materials and bacteria. Part of the circulatory system, it removes excess water as it transports proteins back into the blood, while absorbing fats from the intestines to be delivered to the liver.

Unlike the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system is pumpless and relies on the body’s natural rhythm to systematically move waste, excess fluids and other unwanted materials; as well as for delivering nutrients to our cells.

An early warning sign of a unhealthy lymphatic system can be swelling of the hands and feet when you have been standing for long periods of time or sitting still, and puffy eyes upon waking.

Keep watching this space for more information on how to increase and maintain hydration within the skin for a plumper, more radiant and healthier complexion.

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask here by leaving a comment or contacting me directly via email on the contact page.

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