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Diathermy is a simple yet effective solution to regain smooth and bump free skin. Short Wave diathermy, also referred to as electrodessication is an advanced cosmetic procedure using electrolysis current to remove fibrous and vascular skin blemishes such as red veins, spider veins, blood spots, spider angioma, skin tags, milia [whiteheads], sebaceous hyperplasia, and many other marks or lumps and bumps on the skin. Red Vein removal and Rosacea can be addressed with the gold standard combination of IPL and Diathermy to achieve the best outcome. Our highly trained Dermal Clinician will tailor a treatment program to address your individual needs.

electrolysis-treatmentCHERRY ANGIOMA: Also known as Blood spots or Blood moles, Campbell de Morgan spots and Haemangioma, more commonly found on the torso but can occur anywhere.

SKIN TAGS: Also known as Filiform warts or Fibro-Epithelial Polyps, are pedunculated (on a stalk). These are frequently found in areas of friction especially on the neck, underarms and below the breast.

MILIA: These are sometimes known as whiteheads and are pearly white rounded lumps on cheeks and around eyes and eyelid

SEBACEOUS HYPERPLASIA:  Benign skin lesion commonly seen in adults of middle age or older, particularly in those that have experienced oily skin in the past. Sebaceous Hyperplasia can be single or multiple and will appear as yellowish, small pauples on the face (particularly the nose, forehead and cheeks) and can sometimes be confused for a milia.

SPIDER VEINS: Fine dilated capillaries on the face and chest area. Particularly common within the side crease of the nose and cheek area.





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