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We are one of the few clinics who specialise in electrolysis permanent hair removal treatments in the Essendon and Strathmore  area. At the Dermal Solution we use Thermolysis for our permanent hair removal. Thermolysis, also known as short-wave method, or high frequency method destroys the hair follicle by heat or electrocoagulation. It works wonders for thick, grey, blonde and light hairs, or hairs that have been unresponsive to laser and IPL treatments.electrolysis-treatmentIt is the most widely practiced method of permanent hair removal available today. Thermolysis was first put into practice in 1923, but did not become popular until the 1940s.

We use single use sterile probes for each client and can treat hormonal facial hair, breast and other small areas effectively, as well as small areas left over from previous laser or IPL treatments. If your area to treat is of a larger size, or consists of both dark and white hairs when can tailor a treatment plan utilising both electrolysis and IPL to allow you to get results in the shortest possible time.

Here at the Dermal Solution we are well known for our electrolysis skills and have been providing discreet, safe and effective electrolysis treatments within the Essendon and Strathmore area now for 15 years. Don’t spend another day stuck in front of the mirror plucking away at embarrassing face or body hair, contact us today for a consultation to find out how we can help you get your confidence back.

Treatment start from $45 for the minimum 15 minutes with pre and post care provided in this time. First visit clients are required to purchase our Recover Balm to use post treatment to use the days following treatment as their aftercare.


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